Industrial Engineer

  • Dorado
  • Fits Llc
For Industrial Engineering services in the Manufacturing area. WHAT MAKES YOU A FIT: The Technical Part: Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering and one (1) year of experience in process improvement activities within the regulated Industry. Bilingual, Spanish, and English. Shift: Administrative and according to business needs. Experience in: Time Studies, Line Balance and Process/Product Flor Assessment. Lean Manufacturing implementation (5S, Standard Works, Waste Analysis) Problem Solving Activities. The Personality Part: Our Next Piece is someone who treats everyone they meet like family, especially our resources, clients and team members. In other words, being a customer service pro is one your (many) talents. Being the Piece means you're full of bright ideas and eager to innovate, always bringing top-quality results to the table. Are you ready to take on this new challenge? AS A PIECE OF FITS, YOU WILL: (The day-to-day on the job) Observe and understand manufacturing process. Collect and analyze data. Identify opportunities/provide recommendations as a result of using the Standard Work methodology. Establish, Implement and Monitor Improvement plan and the impact/benefit. Develop and deliver the Standard Work for the process steps as well as for the Value Stream, applying the corresponding structure/methodology. Identify opportunities for improvement to achieve "Quick Change Over"/SMED (Apply SMED Methodology). Establish, Implement and Monitor Improvement Plan as well as determine the impact/Benefit. Implement the sustainability plan for the improvements and/or established processes. BEING A FITS PIECE COMES WITH PERKS: One of these is the excellent, unmatched, never-before-seen customer service of our team (trust us, you'll be amazed). However, that's not all we have to offer. Talk with us to find out! WHO WE ARE: We are a Service Provider company different from the rest. We pride ourselves in how we treat the most important piece of our company's puzzle: you! We integrate Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Utilities and Specialized Technical services across the Island (and in the US as well!). Our company is flexible, family-oriented and focused on our resources' well-being, while providing our Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Manufacturing industry clients with top-notch quality talent. We're FITS! Are you the next piece? Powered by JazzHR