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Aplica Ya! Fábrica de Cilindros De Gas Salario: $15.00 La hora Ubicación: Huntsville ,Alabama Tipo de empleo: Full time Tercer turno 8:00 PM- 6:00 AM algunos días en turno cambia a 7:00 PM- 7:00 AM Tenemos hospedajes disponibles pagando $115.00 Semanales Transportación para el empleo tiene un costo de $30.00 Semanal Pregunta por nuestro paquete de relocalización: Pasaje deposito del hospedaje transporte del aeropuerto hacia el hospedaje Descipción: Deberes y responsabilidades principales: Lee la orden de trabajo o sigue las instrucciones orales para determinar el material que se moverá y/o operaciones a realizar. Realiza diversas operaciones a mano y utilizando herramientas manuales eléctricas o neumáticas. Carga y descarga materiales en o desde paletas, estantes, transportadores y estantes a mano, y el uso de herramientas manuales eléctricas o neumáticas. Carga materiales en los vehículos e instala correas, refuerzos o almohadillas para evitar desplazamiento o daño en tránsito. Transporta materiales desde los lugares de almacenamiento o de trabajo hasta las áreas designadas. Asegura los accesorios de elevación a los materiales y transporta la carga al destino o envía señales a la grúa o operadores de elevación para mover la carga al destino. Cuenta, pesa y registra el número de unidades de materiales movidos o manipulados diariamente hoja de producción. Adjunta rótulos o etiquetas de identificación a los materiales o marca información en cajas, pacas o otros contenedores. Apila o ensambla materiales en bultos y une los bultos con bandas. Levanta objetos pesados ? ? a mano o con un polipasto eléctrico y limpia el área de trabajo, las máquinas y equipo para ayudar a los operadores de máquinas. Realiza ajustes o reparaciones simples, como realinear correas o reemplazar rodillos. Opera camiones industriales o polipastos eléctricos para ayudar a cargar o mover materiales y productos. Poder Levantar 60 Libras ¿Tienes pareja? Tenemos opciones y soluciones. Maritza Rivera ABOUT GOOD LABOR JOBS At Good Labor Jobs, our goal is to provide quality jobs and improve the lives of workers by offering fair and desirable work at outstanding companies across the United States. We provide labor solutions to businesses in need of hiring quality employees that are not available in their local area. Through our proprietary recruiting pipeline, superior service, and integrated business solutions we offer a full variety of staffing and hiring options to companies of any size in any city. We also believe in being faithful and obedient to God, and feel that helps us in our overall success. Our company gives every worker a fair opportunity to show employers that they are the right person for the job, and we strive to exceed all expectations of our customers, employees, and community through the way we serve others with integrity and respect. We accomplish this by retaining the best people in the industry, focusing on training and learning, and maintaining the best practice standards throughout all we do. Because relocation is often part of the process, we provide generous benefits to make the transition as smooth as possible and to show our employees how much we care about them. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ASSEMBLY LINE OPERATOR As a Line Operator, you pay close attention to detail as you use assembly equipment to work on industrial line products. While you perform various production and related operations you put in your best effort so that each item is assembled well. You meticulously stock and handle component parts/units to support production and monitor the quality of those component parts and assemblies so that you can communicate potential rejects in a timely manner. One of the most important things about your day is working positively with the other team members to meet goals, and you find great fulfillment in the important assembly work you do. ASSEMBLY LINE OPERATOR QUALIFICATIONS Physical ability to lift up to 30 lbs Are you honest and accountable? Do you work hard and persevere in the face of challenges? Do you work well with others? Are you able to be humble when you make mistakes? If you found yourself answering yes to these questions, we want you to come work for us! ASSEMBLY LINE OPERATOR WORK SCHEDULE This industrial position offers stable, full-time work! We're growing rapidly and have several openings for this position. ARE YOU READY TO JOIN OUR INDUSTRIAL TEAM?