Ehs Specialist

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For Safety and Environmental services in the regulated industry. WHAT MAKES YOU A FIT: The Technical Part: Associate or Bachelor's Degree and five (5) years of exposure in Pharmaceutical or Medical Device industry. OHSA 30 hours certification, General or Construction Industry, (preferred)/ Experience in: Hazardous waste and air program Leadership and Technical advice as an EHS Subject Matter Expert. Develop and deliver training and training tools. Routine EHS inspections, assessments, incident investigations. The Personality Part: Our Next Piece is someone who treats everyone they meet like family, especially our resources, clients, and team members. In other words, being a customer service pro is one your (many) talents. Being the Piece means you're full of bright ideas and eager to innovate, always bringing top-quality results to the table. Are you ready to take on this new challenge? AS A PIECE OF FITS, YOU WILL: (The day-to-day on the job) Direct interaction with Engineering, Process, Utilities, WWTP, Facilities, Fermentation Process, Purification Process and Services Contractors. Audit EHS procedures and policies to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations like OSHA, EPA, NFPA, PSM, and DOT. Provide technical expertise in areas of injury and illness prevention, physical hazards assessments, process hazard analysis, identification of appropriate personal protective equipment, and construction safety. Implement policies, SOP's and programs developed locally and by Corporate to ensure that workplace conditions comply. Develop and deliver training and training tools for all relevant internal EHS initiatives and regulatory required EHS training. Participate in EHS construction reviews like walk downs, mechanical completion, operational readiness and assist construction contractors in order to ensure safety practices during all related activities and perform recommendations on specific requirements. Perform routine EHS inspections, audits, assessments, incident investigations and implement appropriate recommendations. Participate actively in Departmental EHS and Construction reviews like walk downs, mechanical completion verification, operational readiness and others in order to perform recommendations, develop procedures and specific requirements. BEING A FITS PIECE COMES WITH PERKS: One of these is the excellent, unmatched, never-before-seen customer service of our team (trust us, you'll be amazed). However, that's not all we have to offer. Talk with us to find out! WHO WE ARE: We are a Service Provider company different from the rest. We pride ourselves in how we treat the most important piece of our company's puzzle: you! We integrate Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Utilities and Specialized Technical services across the Island (and in the US as well!). Our company is flexible, family-oriented and focused on our resources' well-being, while providing our Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Manufacturing industry clients with top-notch quality talent. We're FITS! Are you the next piece? Powered by JazzHR